How to use the epilator correctly


Many people use epilators, so do you know how to operate the epilator correctly?

1. Use the hair plucker to make the blade at right angles to the skin and push it against the direction of hair growth.

2. Before plucking the hair, massage the arms and legs with a massage bath to make the hair stand up. Hair removal starts 15 minutes after the hot bath. At this time, the skin is soft, the pores are relaxed, and the pain will be minimized.

3. After plucking hair, you will pay attention to moisturizing the skin with some soft lotion.

4. Persevere, but if there is local redness and swelling, do not continue plucking the hair, wait for the redness and swelling to subside before continuing. The use of a plucker is somewhat skillful, and it is also related to human physique. Some people's hair is easy to break, and it may break during use, so the heel will still be there. Some people have thick and hard hair, which makes it easy to pluck, but relatively speaking, it also hurts a lot. It will be red after use, and a small number of people will still have bloodshot eyes.


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