Jobs Number Work place Release date
Electronic product engineer 2 Ningbo, Zhejiang 2021-02-01

Job Requirements
1. Can independently complete the plastic mold and hardware mold structure design of the new product.
2. The preparation and modification of technical documents and the whole process of trial production and development of new product prototypes.
3. Responsible for production technology, coordinate with the production workshop and solve product quality problems, ensure the normal operation of production work, handle quality abnormalities and communicate with workshop assembly.
4. Complete the technical renovation project or new product structure design as required. Welcome everyone of insight to inquire 

sales Manager 1 Ningbo, Zhejiang 2021-02-01

Job Requirements
1. College degree or above, more than half a year of foreign trade work experience;
2. CET-4 or above, good writing, fluent oral English, independent reception of customers, and effective negotiation with customers;
1. Basic salary + commission + performance completion award + assessment completion award (salary
Higher than peers)
2. Good working atmosphere and harmonious colleague relationship
3. There are 2-3 domestic and foreign exhibition opportunities every year
The company implements a single and double break system, pays hardware, has working meals and other benefits!



8:00 - 18:00

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