Tips for using epilators


When the weather is hot, short-sleeved vests become the first choice for people to wear. For those ladies who love beauty, summer is a season of exposure. In this hot weather, sleeveless clothes are their favorite. But for sleeveless clothes

Tips for using epilators

The plucking device will cause some pain to the skin. And improper use can cause folliculitis. It is best not to use the epilator frequently to take care of the skin and keep the pores clean. This will not cause other skin diseases. This also reminds those who love beauty, must pay attention to the use of epilators.

Before plucking, use a massage bath to massage your arms and legs to make the hair stand up. Hair removal starts 15 minutes after the hot bath. At this time, the skin is soft, the pores are relaxed, and the pain will be minimized. Doing this step fully will facilitate the development of the next hair removal work.

Pay attention to the adjustment of the gears, for example, some epilators have a total of five adjustable gears. Long press the switch to turn it on and the fan starts to rotate. You must wait for the READY light to turn on each time you press it. Similarly, there is a skin color sensor on the lamp head. If there is a shadow or the skin color is too dark, the laser will not be emitted.

Girls with thicker stratum corneum should pay more attention to the skill of using the epilator. The skin may have red bumps after hair removal. This is normal. Please don’t worry, stop using it for a while, and then perform exfoliating work two to three days after hair removal (you can use the usual bath rub, don’t use it) Exfoliating chemicals)

Mastering the techniques of epilators mentioned above is the most important link when people buy epilators. Choosing a good plucker can make people more comfortable in shaving. The editor is also a beauty-loving lady, so the plucker is also a must-have item in summer. With it, it will be more charming when we wear sleeveless tops or dresses.


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